NCS Objectives

To respect the constitution and the law of the land while maintaining spiritual unity, mutual understanding and cooperation among the Christians in an effort to protect the Christian rights.

To organize camps, training, consultations, seminars, conferences, conventions, fellowships, writing, and publications to bring awareness in the religious and social matters.

To encourage Christians to be involved in social service, providing rehabilitating and relief aid to the helpless, orphans, elderly people, drug addicts, HIV and AIDS infected people.

To protect ecology and culture to serve the nation in being involved in community-based development through education and health programmes.

To maintain friendly nationally and internationally relationships at any level on behalf of the Christians in Nepal.

Mainline denominations, independent churches, and para-church organizations each have their strategic plans. NCS does not intend to duplicate, jeopardize or interfere with these activities. It attempts to facilitate Nepali churches and organizations which are not able to act as a single church or organization.